In addition to daily and weekly memos, briefings and communications to the field, IAN  also regularly produces long-form content featuring insight and commentary from the leading world experts on delegitimization. These documents include manuals, scholarly reports and extensive case studies that draw upon best practices and lessons learned, which come directly from the field and those at the front lines of the assault on Israel’s legitimacy.

Past publications include:

IAN FACTs is a new source of information for communities that will inform strategy and action. This periodic journal features contributions by top scholars, policy-makers, pollsters and leading advocates who can discuss issues, trends and strategies that can inform our collective work. In consultation with activists in the field, IAN’s professional team will develop a unique question for each edition of IAN FACTs that will address the issues being confronted. IAN’s professional team will frame the discussion and conclude with recommendations for community responses and mobilization. Experts in the field will provide short, executive summary-style features that respond to the question posed. IAN has released two editions to date.

IAN FACTs 1:  Briefings for Community Activists Issue #1: Future Trends: The first issue of IAN FACTs asked the question: “What form will assaults on Israel’s legitimacy take in 2012?” Contributors to the inaugural edition included:

  • MP Irwin Cotler, Former Justice Minister of Canada
  • Prof. Yuval Shany, Chair of International Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Senior Fellow, The Israel Democracy Institute and Adv. Ido Rosensweig, Researcher, The Israel Democracy Institute
  • Brig. Gen. (IDF, Ret.) Michael Herzog, Senior Fellow at the Jewish People Policy Institute, Jerusalem
  • Mr. Ethan Felson, Vice President & General Counsel, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
  • Ms. Sharon Ashley, Hillel’s Center for Israel Engagement, Hillel’s of North America
  • Mr. Oren Segal, Director, Center on Extremism and Ms. Adina Holzman, Research Analyst, The Anti-Defamation League
  • Eran Shayshon, Analyst Team Leader, National Security, The Reut Institute
  • Mr. Jeremy Newmark, Jewish Leadership Council (UK)
  • Mr. Shimon Koffler Fogel, CEO of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
  • Rt Hon Dr Denis MacShane, MP, British Parliament
  • Martin Schwartz, Executive Director and Arieh Lebowitz, Associate Director of the Jewish Labor Committee
  • Prof. Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton University. The first edition of FACTs is currently available by request only.

IAN FACTs 2:  Best Practices for Countering the Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy: The second issue of IAN FACTs asked the question: “How have you countered the assault on Israel’s legitimacy?” Contributors include:

  • Hindy Poupko, Director, Israel & International Affairs; Noam Gilboord, Program Coordinator, Israel & International Affairs at the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York
  • Noga Zimerman, Director of Middle East Affairs, the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma,
    Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
  • Paula Joffe, Director of Major Gifts and Coordinator of Project BIG, Jewish Federation of PrincetonMercerBucks
  • Ethan Felson, Vice President and General Counsel, Jewish Council for Public Affairs
  • David L. Cohen, Senior Associate for Israel and Middle East Affairs at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and Rabbi Mike Uram,
    Director of the University of Pennsylvania Hillel
  • Tzvi Raviv, Director of Israel Engagement, Rutgers Hillel
  • Avi Mayer, Director of New Media, the Jewish Agency for Israel
  • Howard English, Senior Vice President, Greater Toronto Region, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
  • Zach Carstensen, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
  • Rabbi James Morgan, Director, Israel and International Partnerships, and Jeremy Burton, Executive Director, JCRC of Greater Boson
  • Sally Abrams, Chair, Speakers Bureau of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas
  • Wendy Kahn, National Director, South African Jewish Board of Deputies
  • Stuart Appelbaum, President, Jewish Labor Committee in the United States
  • Jeremy Newmark, Chief Executive, Jewish Leadership Council
    Click here to download IAN FACTs 2.

Mobilization Manual: Tips for Countering the Delegitimization of Israel
The Israel Action Network (IAN) Mobilization Manual:  Tips for Countering the Delegitimization of Israel provided a guide for developing a community strategy for countering delegitimization. It lays out 10 Tips for defining your goals, developing your target audiences, key issues, information and communications, making sure you understand the processes you need to impact and setting measures of success and accountability so that you know that you met your goals, what worked, and lessons learned. Delegitimization efforts occur on many stages, with many voices and varied tactics. As such, friends of Israel need to be sophisticated in approaching Israel advocacy and create effective responses to these assaults. The 10 “Tips” for countering delegitimization in the IAN Manual are:

TIP 1: Understand the Challenge
TIP 2: Is this Criticism or Delegitimization?
TIP 3: Know your Facts; Do the Research
TIP 4: Identify your Audience: Supporters; Opponents; Target Communities of Concerned Individuals and Organizations
TIP 5: Take an Inventory of your Assets: People; Skills; Program; Missions; Cultural Events; Monetary Resources
TIP 6: Map Out your Strategies
TIP 7: Clean your Message Slate Plate
TIP 8: Engage
TIP 9: Stay Connected and Networked
TIP 10: Evaluate; Applaud Successes; Reward Advocates; Invest in What Works

This publication is available by request.

Israel: Jewish & Democratic

Long confined to the extreme margins, but, in recent times, beginning to seep into mainstream discourse, is the odious position that challenges Israel’s legitimacy as both a Jewish and democratic state. Many supporters of Israel – including those in our own community – sometimes have difficulty articulating why these two sides of Israel’s identity are not only compatible, but complementary.

In response, the Israel Action Network’s Project Director (and JCPA Senior Vice President) Martin J. Raffel, together with author and professor Gil Troy, penned a new IAN publication entitled, “Israel: Jewish and Democratic,” refuting the arguments questioning Israel’s dual identities. This booklet is an attempt to provide answers to commonly asked questions with the goal of empowering both community and campus activists to confront the issue with confidence and integrity. Click here for more information and to download.