IAN Releases Community Best Practices for Countering the Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy


The new calendar year is already off to an exciting start for IAN with the release of a first-of-its-kind publication, IAN FACTs 2: Countering the Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy. This compilation of 14 case studies will provide the North American Jewish community with new, adaptable and proactive strategies that are proven effective in countering delegitimization. Contributions, authored by leading community professionals and experts, present the key findings and lessons learned that contributed to milestone victories so that other communities may replicate their success. You can download FACTs 2 directly on our website.

IAN FACTs covers a wide range of cases worldwide, ranging from London, to Seattle and South Africa, with entries taking place within a variety of settings including mainline protestant churches, food coops and college campuses, among others.

It also highlights several key findings. First, advocacy must be nuanced to move beyond point-counterpoint issues and address the human concerns of Israelis and their neighbors. Additionally, it stresses the need to not only provide the right message, but also the right messengers who will speak authentically to the audiences in question.

Moving forward, IAN FACTs calls on communities to establish strategic outreach plans for building relationships and understanding so that they will have the tools necessary to counter acts of delegitimization as they arise.

Finally the case studies call for a new way of thinking that will broaden the “mainstream” to counter the extreme, creating a wide and deep network for constructive action.

IAN’s Managing Director, Geri Palast, elaborated on these points further in an oped recently published in The Jewish Week, which ties important parallels between the lessons learned from FACTs, and the resolutions for positive change that we in the Jewish community can resolve to make in 2013 and beyond.

Click here to download FACTs.


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